Emmitt Barks Cartography is a small, locally-owned cartography and map publishing company, based in Flagstaff, Arizona, which specializes in trail maps for northern Arizona and the southwest.

We publish two printed maps -- the Flagstaff Trails Map and the Sedona Trails Map -- and we offer a growing library of digital maps for smartphones and tablets through the Avenza Maps app.

Emmitt Barks makes maps that are functional, attractive, detailed, and accurate. We believe there are few things more useful or interesting than a good map, and that the right map enhances your outdoor experience and helps us understand and appreciate the world around us.

We are avid hikers and bikers, and we promote stewardship of our resources and walking and bicycling for both recreation and transportation. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our maps goes to promote trail advocacy, construction, and maintenance in the Flagstaff and Sedona area.

Emmitt Barks Cartography
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